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5 women from different backgrounds, and walks of life share what self-love means to them: These women don't hold back, are loving and are creating a footprint to leave this world with a better place.

Behind every person is a story. In today's blog post, I asked these powerful women what self-love means to them. These five ladies are women I know personally. The moment they walk into a room, their presence is felt not only with their presence but through their eyes as they radiate compassion, understanding, empowerment, and a sense of "I SEE YOU."

As you continue reading, you'll see that each person uniquely shares a piece of their heart with you. You will also find ways to connect with them to learn more. Happy Readings!

Linnae Barber Matthews

Creator of DreamFaceBelieve...OWNIT!

Citrus College Head Women's Basketball Coach, Sports Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Cycle/TRX/Boxing Instructor at Pedal Spin & Strength

"The love that he had given me through his strong hands which lead to a fist across my body...

he still didn’t get to my soul...

The love that he had given me through his powerful feet which lead to a kick across my forehead...

he still didn’t get to my soul...

After every kick, punch, slap, toss, bruises, mental and physical abuse

you name it he did it...

he lead me to find love without the abuse

and I found it in...


I Believe In Me and I Love Linnae.



Linnae on Instagram @dfbownit

Contact via email: Dfbownit@gmail.com

Ronnie M

Owner of Ronnie M. Layering Bar

Founder of The Bloom Brunch & Manifesting Through Intention

"Self-Love is a Vibration.

It’s an energy within that is a force and allows that love to flow

abundantly to others around you.

Self-Love is the acceptance of who you are mind, body and soul.

In my community, I share with others tools and resources to love and live abundantly.

Self-Love is definitely inner, and a light that shines out when you feel it within."


Ronnie on Instagram @ronniembrand

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Bekah Komar

Health & Mindset Career Coach

Creator of "Follow Your Heart Podcast"

Bekah Komar

Health & Mindset Coach

"Self love is waking up, looking in the mirror at the messy hair that might be mistaken for a birds nest, the giant pimple on your forehead that's the size of a crater and the bags under your eyes that looks like you are back in college and have been up all night studying for finals, and still being able to say to yourself.

'You are beautiful. You are perfect just the way you are. I love you.'

That’s self-love."


Bekah on Instagram @bekahkomar

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Andrea Reney

Mindful Living + Wellness

"I help women reclaim their power through self-love."

"In my spiritual journey, I stumbled across the realization of loving myself inward and transferring that love outwards both in my physical self and through those around me. Growing up I felt that self-love wasn’t something that anyone really spoke about and, I later realized that I had made up my own meaning of what it meant through what I watched, heard, or thought to be true.

I thought self-love was being confident on how you looked physically and keeping yourself glammed up from head to toe. I thought it was pretending you loved the way you looked even when you thought someone was more skinner than yourself. I thought it was hiding behind the layers of makeup because that’s what everyone else did. But it turns out that I was completely wrong.

Self-love is more than just your image and what you look like externally. It is accepting who you are in this lifetime and embracing all of your gifts that make you unique. We all have self-love and awareness in all of us. But if we don’t have that awareness to feel and see what truly makes you happy, loved, and fulfilled, then you must start tuning into yourself to find that space of peace and happiness. You must feed your mind, body, and soul with what empowers you to look within and be your highest self because only you can create your own happiness and recognize the beauty within your existence."


Andrea Reney on Instagram @plant.based.babee

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Amberly Lago

Founder of Amberlylago.com

TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author of "True Grit and Grace," Empowerment Life Coach

"Self-love is so much more than doing what feels good. Sometimes it won’t feel good because you’ll be called to say no to people, places, and things that you like, so that you can invest the time and energy into creating a life you love.

We are here to cultivate self-love which empowers us to speak our truth, shine our light, and fulfill our greatest potential.  

Remember that with every “NO” you speak from a place of self-love you are also saying “YES” to a life you love.


Amberly on Instagram @amberlylagomotivation

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This is one of the scariest things I have ever shared. But having my very own Quantum Healing Hypnosis session facilitated by #QHHT Practitioner Rhobley yesterday has given the assertiveness that it is time to share.

Photo by @thecreative8 on Instagram

In 2007, I was crowned daughter of Oshun in the Yoruba religion known in the US as Santeria. Becoming a priestess in this religion consisted of wearing all white covered from head to toe for a year and seven days. The full ceremony was 7 days in a room filled with elders from all over with countless ceremonies throughout the year. During the first 3 months, I was not to look into a mirror, practice abstinence, eat on the floor on a mat with the same cup/spoon/plate (This I had to do for the full year + 7 days), I was not to touch anyone that wasn't immediate family or immediate "religious family." It was a beautiful experience, to say the least. I felt as though I finally found my family + my home... I was wrong.

7 years later, I asked God to show me what was really happening around me, as I found myself in manipulative situations time and time again by people I considered family. I found myself in situations that consisted of sexual manipulation to financial manipulation (spending over six figures within the religion as everything cost money).


In the span of a year, I started putting pieces together. I would hear someone say something to later it being contradicted by someone else. I found that we weren't allowed to really ask questions or to answer no. In my case, I discovered that I really wasn't liked within "my temple," but instead a source of financial stability for people that could care less about me. One day as I was driving, God opened my eyes, and I was no longer afraid to walk away. I felt freedom and what true love felt like for the first time. It was unconditional and unattached to material things.


One of the toughest parts was rebuilding my identity: "who is Angie outside of this religious label." It took me years to regain my confidence. I ultimately learned I had to forgive myself for putting myself in that situation, to begin with. I had to rebuild my relationship with money. And rebuild/understand my relationship with Oshun (the energy I was crowned when I turned 21).

Today, I have one of the most profound relationships with this energy we call #Oshun . The energy I connect with today is all loving, is feminine, is the ultimate Queen that wants all women to demand respect, walk with grace, smile, laugh, be kind, and embody love. She is an energy that speaks to me regularly, and in my #QHHT session yesterday, she was eager to come through and answer questions I had. Monday, I will share parts of the audio from my session as I believe it will serve many.


I am speaking from my personal experience within the particular temple I was a part of. This is not a generalization of everyone who is in the practice. I realize now experiencing this was part of my life journey. I was to know my connection to Oshun and the Isis lineage. I am grateful to have lived beautiful ceremonies, sung songs, and danced to the energies in the #Yoruba religion.

I will be sharing more about this experience as it has taught me so much and is fuel to continue doing what I do now. Teaching others they have the power within is LIFE for me ✨. There is nothing to fear as the ultimate truth is pure love. I have so much to share and will with time. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

With Immense Love,


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I first met Amy when she booked a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with me early in 2018. She has been such a gift in my life since meeting her and had to share her wisdom and passion with you.

Amy Zhou, Medicine Woman, Healer and Mentor
Amy Zhou, Medicine Woman, Healer and Mentor

Amy Zhou, Medicine Woman, Healer and Mentor

Amy uses Food Is Medicine to completely reverse chronic conditions such as allergies, digestive issues, hair loss, early aging, eczema, arthritis, and so much more in as little as 5 days. Her healing modality leverages the most powerful plants and fruits to naturally reawaken the dormant healing powers within our body. She and her team can customize healing protocols that meets your exact needs to reverse your physical conditions no matter where you are in your journey. 

What was the catalyst to get you on the path as a Medicine Woman, educator, guide, and mentor?

I think the trigger point for me was understanding that we are bigger than just this physical human flesh. At the time that I was going through my spiritual journey, I understood that the physical conditions that manifested across my body are an indication that we also need to take care of this physical flesh. This 'meat suit' that we have, that we've been gifted, in this journey on Earth.

I actually experience chronic eczema and a lot of other skin condition for a very long time. While I was developing my spiritual practice, the symptoms subdued over time, but they did not go away completely. I found a very spiritual connection to our physical body, and I started to view it as this primary vehicle that the creator energy has gifted to us. It's really something that we need to take care of as a priority in order to really manifest our purpose and our mission here on Earth.

"The catalyst was seeing myself and having the awareness that something was missing for me physically and that I should pay attention to it and really connect to the signal my body was sending me."

What are some common struggles you find with the people you work with?

I see that a lot of us carry around scars and wounds. A lot of them are actually open wounds. We maybe put a band-aid over it, but it never completely healed underneath the band-aid. We're kind of too afraid to peel off the band-aids because peeling it off also hurts. And you kind of don't want to peek at what's underneath especially if you know that it's not quite healing. You have that knowing inside of you, but you're not ready to peel the band-aid off.

That is a great story illustrating what happens with a lot of people that come across my way. They have the intention to heal, but they may not have the courage yet to peel off the band-aid and address their open wounds. Some people tend to use caffeine to curve their sugar cravings. In my case, I would use steroid creams in order to cover up my eczema, but it would come back stronger. The number 1 thing that people will tell me is, "I've learned to live with it" or "my doctor told me it was because of stress, and I can't quit my job. I can't give up my paycheck." or "I don't have enough vacation time to de-stress, so I just have to live with it."

"People are walking around with open wounds, and they're not taking the time to find ways to really heal them. That's what breaks my heart."

Time travel, inner child, healing
Amy on listening to our body

Where do you see yourself in a year?

I would love to have reached at least a couple of thousand people one on one and therefore if they reach another 10 or 50, then that would become ten's of thousand's of people. It is having the awareness that they can actually heal themselves. Their body is the most miraculous vehicle that has ever been created in the history of this planet. So I want them to have that knowledge. The belief in your ability to heal is the #1 thing that will get you on the path of healing. As long as you believe that and that gets activated in you, there is nothing that will stop you from achieving the best version of you. I see myself in a position where I would have enough knowledge to spread that message to ten's of thousands of people.

If you could say anything to your 15-year-old self what would it be?

"I would tell her, 'don't worry about mom,' 'don't worry about my brother, don't worry about dad. They're going to be ok." " Take care of yourself first."

I think that's a message not just for myself but for a lot of us. We sometimes have this inherent need to take care of others. A lot of us who are healers and are here to serve, before we acquire the skills to serve, we already have this huge urge to do so. So we do that, and we overexert ourselves, and we don't take care of ourselves. When we don't take care of ourselves, we don't heal, and when we don't heal, we can't take care of others. I would tell her to enjoy life. Just enjoy. Stop worrying about everyone else."

Is there a message you would like to share with the reader regarding their body, health, or anything?

I would say the #1 thing is that your body never makes a mistake. There's a reason why you crave sugar. There's a reason why you want something salty. Know that packaged food is not what your body wants. It's an unaltered form of glucose that it wants in fruits. It the unaltered mineral salt that it wants from vegetables that grow from the ground. Understanding the relationship between you and food. Your body's cravings and reaction to certain foods. Be kind to it and know that it never makes a mistake.

Amy Zhou on Arcusology, Heal your body
Amy on living from the heart and what that means to her

What does a "Heart-based Game Changer" mean to you?

I love any questions that help us reflect what words mean to use because words have energy and they carry a deeper meaning that is not as surface level as we might think when everyone else has their own perception of it.

Heart-based, to me, means things that are coming from the heart. What does it mean for things that come from the heart, that was a very convoluted question for me for a very long time. Because we tend to work in our minds all the time, so when I was trying to practice to use my heart to do anything, it was difficult. My mind would always get in the way. A heart-based game changer is finding a connection to your heart that makes your heart move and sings. That is what it means to me when anything comes from the heart. It goes beyond the mind. That doesn't mean that the mind doesn't need to be involved; it means that your heart is also in the game.

Changing the game means that the song that you want to sing from your heart is something you can express freely and you can share with the world. When you sing your heart song, the world will listen. You can actually change the hearts of other people who are living in this world. I see it as a beautiful song sung from the heart that people can hear and receive with their hearts. That is what's game-changing about that.

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