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Daughter of Oshun: Ascending the Connection

This is one of the scariest things I have ever shared. But having my very own Quantum Healing Hypnosis session facilitated by #QHHT Practitioner Rhobley yesterday has given the assertiveness that it is time to share.

Photo by @thecreative8 on Instagram

In 2007, I was crowned daughter of Oshun in the Yoruba religion known in the US as Santeria. Becoming a priestess in this religion consisted of wearing all white covered from head to toe for a year and seven days. The full ceremony was 7 days in a room filled with elders from all over with countless ceremonies throughout the year. During the first 3 months, I was not to look into a mirror, practice abstinence, eat on the floor on a mat with the same cup/spoon/plate (This I had to do for the full year + 7 days), I was not to touch anyone that wasn't immediate family or immediate "religious family." It was a beautiful experience, to say the least. I felt as though I finally found my family + my home... I was wrong.

7 years later, I asked God to show me what was really happening around me, as I found myself in manipulative situations time and time again by people I considered family. I found myself in situations that consisted of sexual manipulation to financial manipulation (spending over six figures within the religion as everything cost money).


In the span of a year, I started putting pieces together. I would hear someone say something to later it being contradicted by someone else. I found that we weren't allowed to really ask questions or to answer no. In my case, I discovered that I really wasn't liked within "my temple," but instead a source of financial stability for people that could care less about me. One day as I was driving, God opened my eyes, and I was no longer afraid to walk away. I felt freedom and what true love felt like for the first time. It was unconditional and unattached to material things.


One of the toughest parts was rebuilding my identity: "who is Angie outside of this religious label." It took me years to regain my confidence. I ultimately learned I had to forgive myself for putting myself in that situation, to begin with. I had to rebuild my relationship with money. And rebuild/understand my relationship with Oshun (the energy I was crowned when I turned 21).

Today, I have one of the most profound relationships with this energy we call #Oshun . The energy I connect with today is all loving, is feminine, is the ultimate Queen that wants all women to demand respect, walk with grace, smile, laugh, be kind, and embody love. She is an energy that speaks to me regularly, and in my #QHHT session yesterday, she was eager to come through and answer questions I had. Monday, I will share parts of the audio from my session as I believe it will serve many.


I am speaking from my personal experience within the particular temple I was a part of. This is not a generalization of everyone who is in the practice. I realize now experiencing this was part of my life journey. I was to know my connection to Oshun and the Isis lineage. I am grateful to have lived beautiful ceremonies, sung songs, and danced to the energies in the #Yoruba religion.

I will be sharing more about this experience as it has taught me so much and is fuel to continue doing what I do now. Teaching others they have the power within is LIFE for me ✨. There is nothing to fear as the ultimate truth is pure love. I have so much to share and will with time. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

With Immense Love,



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