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"People will forget what you said but they'll never forget
how you made them feel
- Dr. Maya Angelou
connect with myself
connect with myself
connect with myself
connect with myself
connect with myself

connie patitucci reiki master teacher


Reiki Master Teacher (En Español), Intuitive Healer, and Creator of Luvaoils

"In February 2020, I was able to do the Self-love Mentorship with Angie Rojo, without knowing at that time how my way of seeing myself and seeing the things around me would change. Without the self-love mentorship, I would not have been able to go through the year of this pandemic with so much calm and security in me. Self-love was never something that I had present in myself. I was always putting others first and giving everything, until many times, I ended up feeling empty, not recognized, or not valued, letting outsiders see me and judge me in their opinion. I was lucky to share this self-love mentorship with a group of incredible beings, where together with Angie, and through each weekly meeting, we could bring out the best in each other. 

My intention for this mentorship was to unblock my fears, expand my knowledge and be more connected with myself and the spiritual world and that everything I learned could be applied to my daily life. Angie not only guided and supported me so that this could happen, but also taught me the tools I needed to love myself, value myself, unlock myself, and move forward in everything that I set out to do for my greatest and highest good. Angie taught me that ... everyone is a teacher, to recognize my beliefs, to send love to my body day or night, to see the divine in me and honor that light in me,  and to see my roots. The kind of leader I want to be, what types of healthy boundaries I want in my life, the importance of having the discipline, and much more were all covered. This 2020, I would not have achieved even half of my change and all my growth if I had not done the Self-Love Mentorship. I am eternally grateful to Angie and all her strength, kindness, and wisdom to hold space and guidance. Thank you because today, I love myself, respect myself, value myself, use my voice, and I am present in every moment of my life."

shanila sattar sound healer

I experienced both 1:1 and group beyond quantum healing hypnosis sessions with Angie. The 1:1 session was one of my favorite journeys I have ever been on. I wanted to experience this with someone I knew that I could be open, safe, and comfortable with. I knew I wanted to ask my highest self questions outside of this realm and Angie was the perfect guide for me through the experience. In quantum work, I’d like to feel that I am being seen, guided, and held with love while I traveled through different planes, planets, timelines, and much more. This is exactly what I felt in our session together. Having a recording of our journey was also an amazing bonus. I listened to pieces of it months after the initial experience and it really helped me in my integration process. In a group healing, I had a similar experience of being in a loving container filled with beautiful souls who were willing to be vulnerable, open, and surrender. I love journeying with Angie and highly recommend her for beyond quantum healing hypnosis sessions!

SHANILA SATTAR is a 4th generation sound healer, breathwork coach, women’s researcher, national speaker, and host of a Top 6 podcast, The Playground.

"Just got done with a Quantum Healing Past Life Regression session. F*cking AWESOME.

I learned so much about myself and my past, and my soul's past. It's really hard to describe in words. I don't want to give away too much, but it was a trip to see who I was before I was me.

I asked questions to my Higher Self and my guardian Angel, and I got some pretty exciting answers. I'm excited about my upcoming projects. I wish everyone well.

Just know there's nothing to fear. Fear is the manifestation of the human mind.

Use your heart. Feel it and do what you came to do."

-Ernest, Group Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Website About Angie Page (8).png

"I want to send gratitude first and foremost to Angie, the power of this mentorship breaks through layers and baggage, old stories and programming, but most importantly it gave a safe space to heal and witness the release, to come undone and restore. Her beautiful process and delivery, along with her phenomenal ability to hold space for transformation into self love is one of a kind! I can’t say enough with words, you must experience this!" 

ROSE RENDON is a Spirit Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor

"This testimony will only offer a glimpse into the entirety of the magic felt in working with Angie. Months before meeting, I set the intention to engage in a QHHT session for my own spiritual deepening and healing. In the accounts that I follow on Instagram, I was led to Angie's page without actively seeking a QHHT facilitator yet. I resonated with her content and began following. Divine timing led me to book with her and it was one of the most monumental shifts I could have made in this current timeline of my reality. 


Within the hours we worked together, I was able to go back to different parts of my life and speak to that version of me. I got the opportunity to offer guidance from a more mature place to my younger selves. I also had the opportunity to engage with the energy of a person with whom I had many conflicts, and speak to them in a firm, assertive manner. I was able to gain insight to the root of our conflicts which actually stemmed from a past life during the Victorian era. It was empowering to stand up to this person's energy and have a clear understanding of the relationship. 


Other highlights were getting direct answers from my higher self, clarifying my life's mission, and insight into other aspects I needed to work on. Angie helped guide me through healing by way of visualization, energy healing, meditation, and working with my higher self. She was such a great guide but also loving support as I worked through all these shadows from my history. Angie is a true lightworker that is able to hold space, ease you into safe shifting of consciousness, heal with love, and continue to root for you after the session. 


Meeting with Angie was such a

catalyst move that jump-started deeper healing

to move forward with more clear intention and focus. I can't express enough how transformative the work she offers is and how her presence in it of itself is very healing. Energy is everything and her energy is magical! I have been recommending her to all my friends and clients as the work she does is truly life-changing. I felt completely safe and trusting in the process because of her presence. Thanks Angie!!!"

- Cindy Chau, Spiritual Guide, Psychotherapist and Founder of Wellness Vybz

"You Are One Decision Away

From a Totally Different Life"

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