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The Medium Between Divinity and Humanity

Rosario Rendon is an Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Mentor, Woman's Circle Facilitator, and Co-Host of Sacred Conversations the Podcast.


We wanted to feature Rose because of the rawness in her voice and presence, her passion to awaken humanity to its most tremendous potential, and the authenticity to be no one else but herself.

Rose, tell us who are you, where are you from, and anything else you'd like to share about yourself.

My name is Rosario, but everyone calls me Rose… I was born and raised in Pico Rivera, California. I just entered my 40th year of life, and the best is yet to come…

What's your life's mission or soul's work in this lifetime?

Warning this will be long – stick with me.

In a short answer, my life's mission is to remember myself and find more of myself in this lifetime, become expansive in my light and take space… serving people will be how I accomplish that.

The long version lies in my full name, forever I was embarrassed of my name, for a very long time, it felt uncomfortable to say out loud- much less have it represent me. At first, the reasons were vain – I didn't' t like that you had to pronounce it in Spanish in order to say it correctly. Also, I deeply understood the name was misinterpreted throughout time. After 40 years of life, I decided to find the root of my name. And once I understood the meaning, I understood my mission, my name in English is Rosary. The purpose of the Rosary is to keep a record of faith of a higher source, through meditative chant (prayers), it is quite literally the medium between "heaven" and the human experience on earth it is not a coincidence that I am a medium between spirit and human ….and with that, I knew I had just found myself.

As much as I was rooting beneath me into mother earth, I was never in love with my roots – there for nothing could hold me in place – NOTHING, I was throwing dirt at the root of me, and therefore I would lose ground, so, I made peace with my name.

When my parents first were deciding my name; it was to be Denise, but as fate would have it I was born on October 7th – Rosario was the saints name of that day and also my father's mothers name (who is now one of my guides on the other side) my mother also wanted to honor her mother and chose Jesus as my middle name ( my grandmothers middle name) and so here I was Rosario de Jesus – Jesus's rosary….

In my practice, I have understood many truths about Jesus, but these 2 are how I describe his legacy:

1. He represents the alignment of divinity and humanity.

2. His energy is quite literally the sun that keeps the light of the world.

All of this echoed through the core of me – it rippled throughout my lifetimes- all that I am has led me to this moment- and that every life is created by design, it is up to us to build it with love and grace – I want to help people find their tools to build their legend. And however I build my mission, it will require alignment.

"I will be the medium between divinity and humanity."

How did you discover your gifts as a Spirit Intuitive?

Good question, I think I recognized them as a gift or ability when I was 9- trauma sometimes helps them rise to the surface. There were knowing's I understood that no one around me seemed to see or feel. I just wasn't clear why I could. Life experiences help your gifts find their place in your life.

What's your favorite part about doing what you do? What's the "Ah-ha" moment you get when you're working with your clients?

The amount of wisdom that comes from spirit – some of the knowledge and messages I received, you can't put a price on them… I suppose that is why they call this a gift because it gives not only the sitter but to me as well.

What advice would you give your 20-year old self?

"Don't be afraid of self-discovery, be courageous and dive into the depth of yourself!"

Love yourself even if you don't like the version of yourself -you are currently in… No one is coming to save you, but you have everything you need to build your life. You will require grace more than strength, more than you will require anything else, especially when you feel messy because you will! BUT self-love isn't neat, it isn't perfectly timed or a well thought out plan, it is raw and real, and authenticity is a result of self-acceptance- so start there accept yourself as you are along with all the experiences that got you to this now place.

What are 3 ways you practice Self-Love?

1. Smiling at myself in the mirror – I am sometimes so deep in my head about all the things I could do differently – taking a moment to look at myself in the mirror and smile with self-acceptance brings me back to grace.

2. A good cry! There is beauty in letting go of the things you can't control through a cry… I realized the need to cry is the same when a plant needs water. Growth comes after the water flows.

3. A good laugh, something about laughing from the pit of me – feels like I am moving all the stagnant energy out of me. I realized self-love will always have to come from within in me – nothing in the exterior reality will be able to grow me or nourish me without the soil being in alignment with the darkness. You have to be in peace with both what you can see and what you can't yet see …

What's your favorite quote or a quote you live by right now?

I have 2!

1. "You will get there. But right now, you are here, and here is wonderful. "

2. Your inner reality will create your outer form

How can people work with you? And where can they find you?


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