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Spiritual Mermaid Vibes & Goddess Jewels at Claremont Boutique

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Sharing how I discovered and fell in love with this #layeringbar and owner, Ronnie M.

"Spiritual Mermaid" top & bracelet by Ronnie M. Photo by Richard Munoz


You know when you don't have any plans for the day, and you decide to go with the flow? That was me this Sunday as the only thing on my to-do list was to pick up my boyfriend from Ontario Airport at 8 am.

As soon as he got in the car, he suggested we go for a Sunday morning stroll in Claremont, CA. My immediate response was, "I could always enjoy a cup of coffee and some fresh air." Our #Sundaystroll began at a local coffee shop followed by visiting the weekly farmers market where we bought some fresh vegetables. If you haven't visited Claremont its this charming little town with a handful of colleges, Universities, and plenty of mom and pop shops. I highly recommend you give it a go! It's a small town feel with an energy of vibrancy around every corner.


For lunch, we went to Bardot in the Harvard Square. Bardot is probably one of the best restaurants in Claremont in my opinion. The food here is exquisite, not to mention the service, ambiance and outdoor seating. After enjoying a refreshing salmon salad and a long conversation about travel and business with my boyfriend, it was time to head home. However, I'm like most women and have to use the restroom all the time because I drink a lot of water. A little TMI, I know, but you'll see why I'm sharing this information.

Because Bardot is within Harvard Square, you will notice that their restrooms are shared restrooms with other businesses within the square. On my way to the ladies room, I noticed a new boutique with the most beautiful beaded bracelets, necklaces, and super cool shirts with the cutest taglines. As much as I wanted to stop right away, I had to use the restroom, so I made it a point to stop before heading back to the table. On my way back I found myself losing track of time as I discovered Ronnie M Layering Bar! I had to run to get my boyfriend to prevent him from wondering where I had disappeared. It was quite funny as I was so excited. I just told him to follow me.


I have to say that the cherry on top of discovering this new boutique was meeting the owner, Ronnie. She is a radiating gem sharing her passions with the world. Some of you may have seen a glimpse of this discovery on my Instagram Stories. The color pallets on tank tops were so gentle and angelic. The sayings on the shirts range from, "Free Spirit with Hippie Heart" to "Dope As Deepak. Hood as Tupac" and as you guys have noticed, my favorite top that day: "Spiritual Mermaid!"

Spiritual Mermaid is so my vibe, and the color of this tank is one of my all-time favorite colors. I even had my prom dress custom made in this aqua blue.


With so many options to chose from, I found myself gravitating towards this particular bracelet. I'm a minimalist when it comes to clothing and jewelry. When I saw this bracelet, I thought about how perfect it would go with a simple white tee, jeans or shirt and pretty much anything else. It also gave me this vision of a world with marble floors with gigantic pillars like in Greek times or of some ancient land.

It was after I fell in love that Ronnie explained the significance behind the bracelet. Oh and the fact that she #handmakes every single piece of jewelry in her store.

Aquamarine - Peace, Tranquility, Flow, Serenity, Beauty.

Sunstone - Leadership, Abundance, Light, Strength, Wholeness.

In person at: 206 W. Bonita Ave. Unit G,

Claremont, CA. 91711

Follow on Instagram: @ronniemlayeringbar

As you can see, a day with no plans can be filled with surprises!

Thank you for going on this adventure with me! Till next time.




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