Group Mentorship:

Self Mastery through Self-Love

with Angie Rojo












Activate your awareness

You have a spiritual team of light beings that support you + guide you from various realms. These are aspects of you, from your Goddess-Self to your Higher-Self. Angie will lead you through various realms to receive messages, create a strong connection, and remind you of these temples in the Quantum Field.


Ascending limiting beliefs

Mental blocks + limiting beliefs come in forms of energy. During week 2, we will identify what those blocks are, where they live in your energetic field/body, transmute them with compassion. We will dissect this energy, understand it's purpose, and learn how we can apply these lessons in your day to day life and your practice.


How to stay grounded and connected

As you become aware and embrace your gifts and awareness of various realms, remaining grounded, and implementing a routine is crucial. Angie will give you many tools during week 3 to apply yourself, your everyday encounters, and the people you work with. We'll cover intentional living and the importance of setting boundaries. The ultimate goal is to live a heart-based lifestyle while being of service joyfully.


Marketing! Your gifts are meant to be shared

Your gifts, your voice, your light are needed in this world. During week 4, we will cover pillar platforms that keep your content evergreen. Angie will share the secret to creating content with intention. You will learn the top 2 things to do right now, even if you're "just getting started." Plus tools and go-to practices to best support you.

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what's your why?


Waking up feeling inspired. Knowing your purpose. Knowing your contribution to humanity and our planet. 

Knowing your gifts are not an accident. They are fully there to be embraced, celebrated, and shared. 

What if you could link your gifts to other dimensions that provide guidance, direction, ancestral traditions, and root your gifts in purpose. 

Your ancestors, your future self, your younger self, your Angels, Spirit Guides, and Higher Self are ready to create a conscious connection with you to guide you fully. 

Imagine yourself having 1000% confidence in how you see yourself a year from now, what you've accomplished in the next 12 months, and how much you've grown in your personal life and in business. 

What if your fears were no longer something that stopped you but instead fueled you. 



Group Mentorship: Self Mastery through Self-Love 

Meets on Sundays at 7pm PST via Zoom

Access to the Replay

1:1 Calls with Angie

You will schedule 15-20 minute one on one calls with Angie between group mentoring. 

The Container

Every week Angie will assign a ritual + visualization exercise to the group as a collective. 

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self mastery














Hey, Beautiful!


I'm so happy you're here, my name is Angie Rojo, I'm a Certified Past Life Regression Hypnotist & Intentional living + Self-Love Mentor. In 2016 I was certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT), a technique created by the late Dolores Cannon. I've been in the spiritual space since I was a child, and to be honest, I always felt closer to the spirit world than my body here on earth. I often found myself looking in the mirror, not recognizing the face in front of me. 


As I got older, I dove into various spiritual and religious practices like Catholicism (I almost became a nun), Nichiren Buddhism for 3 years. And from the ages 20- 27 years old, I became anointed a Priestess Daughter of Oshun in the Yoruba religion. While this journey sounds a bit whimsical, it was far from it. Through these various spiritual and religious practices, I found myself disappointed with people that eventually showed their true colors with greed, gossip, manipulation, romantic interest, betrayal, and so much more. In the last religion, I spent six figures (ca$h!!) in my 20's, can you believe that? I have to stop myself from thinking about all the people I could've helped in my immediate family and perhaps even bought my first house. These lessons have been expensive but truthfully speaking, so worth the journey. It was humbling and worth knowing what true love is and, most importantly, coming back home to myself. 


In 2013 I studied Transcendental Meditation with Emily Flecther of Ziva Meditation & Mindvalley. At the time, I was acting and modeling, which gave me this drive to keep going and keep showing up. Here's the thing, I got tired of the parties, the "networking," the auditioning for a product I would not stand behind. In a sense, I was lost without being of service. 


Do you ever get that deep feeling that you're meant to give back to humanity? That feeling of "I know it's there. I just don't know how?" 

That feeling that there's gotta be more people that feel the same way you do? I remember thinking, "I wish there were a blueprint to life!" followed by a lot of crying in frustration and loneliness, of course.


Well, this is it!! This is why I created Self Mastery through Self-Love. In this group mentorship program, I share all the dos and don'ts of a spiritual evolution. The things I wish someone had shared with me. 


In this program, I don't hold back in sharing with you where to go, where to look, I guide you through the quantum field to access information for yourself. My goal with Self Mastery through Self-Love is that you come to see how POWERFUL you are, how DIVINE you are, how much you have to GIVE to our Universe. 


Self Mastery through Self-Love is the foundation for all the things you wish to create in the world. I share with you exercises to become one with abundance, how to create an abundant relationship with money, how to create the ideal YOU you desire to be. 


To be fulfilled in life, we must first fall in love with ourselves. A timeless love, a love that goes beyond your accomplishments and relationships. Self-Love is a love that creates ripple effects in all aspects of your life from your romantic relationships to colleagues and clients. 


Love is infinite.   


So imagine more joy, more purpose, more abundance, more money, more creativity, more radiant relationships aligned in love and respect? 


Just the thought of it gives me joy! Self Mastery through Self-Love is a 4-week Group Mentorship Program. Tell me you're ready to dive in! 

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