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Let's Set Roots



Self-love is a journey that requires continuous reflection

and expansion through layers deep within yourself to uncover wounded spaces and release fears that stop you from having fulfilling relationships with others, but most importantly a fulfilling relationship with yourself. 


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ONE ON ONE  | 12 week mentorship

This 12-week experience is created for you to move through a cycle in your life with Angie's support and spiritual insights that will propel you to a new higher vibrational version of yourself. 

The relationship with yourself is the one we will refine. In honoring yourself, you will become aware that you are not walking on this path alone nor by accident.


You contain a unique signature and have a mission that only you can fulfill. 


Now, let's get started! 

Together we will create
deep roots to ground you
and prepare you to
walk this Earth firmly as your divine self.

So you feel you've got a big mission here on earth?
There's a great impact you're going to make. It's in your blueprint. 
It's a fact. A divine plan anointed from above. 

But you still have some human work to do. 
Old programs to delete. 
Old belief systems to come to peace with. 
Healing from past experiences and encounters. 
Forgiveness and understanding of why things happened the way they have. 

There's still integration to the awakenings you're experiencing and understandings of new spiritual awarenesses. 

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Our time together will create a container in which you will dive into layers within yourself with compassion.


You will activate your awareness and strengthen your connection with your celestial spirit guides and angels.


You will gain tools to lean on when things get rough. 


You will learn sacred insights about your path that will give you clarity and purpose.


You will receive your uniquely assigned rituals that will significantly support your day-to-day life. 


what people are saying after working with angie  

"My quantum healing experience was extremely healing, it gave me peace, closure and provided answers to many questions I have been wondering about for awhile. I've never heard of quantum healing hypnosis before and honestly, did not know what to expect. The resources that you provided prior to class definitely helped me prepare for  a good session. I came in with a clear mind and open heart and just went with the flow. After the session I've felt more at peace, I stress less, been focused on what is important to me and most importantly treating myself with love. I would encourage others that are willing to go thru this experience to leave expectations aside and just be open to listen and take in the messages that come thru from higher self & our guides. They are assertive & very powerful. Thanks for facilitating my session."

- Sandra Ochoa 

12-week journey together
One on one with Angie Rojo.png

30 minute one on one bi-weekly calls

(6 total) via Facetime or Zoom


We meet every other week. Your calls are tailored per your needs and what you are moving through at the moment. Angie will intuitively assign some playwork throughout the weeks in the form of visualization, rituals, or self-care to assist you in moving through that energy. 

You are going to tell them all about it right here. But be sure and not drag on too long because, remember, this is about them. You want to share enough so they no longer feel alone, but the focus is going to be on the solution and what they can find for themselves should they invest in your services.

Remind them that
you once experienced the same thing.

And that part is coming quick, but not before we hint at the epiphany that you had. The realization you came to.

Beyond Quantum Healing

Hypnosis Session 
2 hour one on one via Zoom


You prepare 10 questions to ask your higher self. On the day of your session, we immediately review your questions to get some context and fuller understanding. Then we dive into the hypnosis. At this time, your guides, angels, and spirit team are the ones guiding your journey throughout the Quantum Field. They will take you to the realms they feel are appropriate for you to explore in the session. We then connect with Higher Self, which is when I ask the questions on your behalf. Many times people connect with passed loved ones, their spirit guides, or angels at this time. The complete hypnosis is audio recorded and sent to you within 24 hours for integration.

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Group Beyond Quantum Healing 
Via Zoom


You will have access to 2 Group Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions. These are held once a month in an intimate community setting. 

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Monday- Friday Message Support 
via Voxer

Angie is here to answer any questions, guide you to go within for clarity, and support you throughout your time together. 

As a new mama on a mission, time is golden.
Space is limited for this 12-week journey together.
Feel free to shoot me an email here or schedule a call here if you have any questions. 

say no more, I'm ready
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Apply here

$2222 usd

* Payment plans are available

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