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Body Positivity with Kaila Uli

Kaila Uli is a model and owner at

Kaila Uli via Instagram

I hope you enjoy this short interview with model and business owner, Kaila Uli. The strength she embodies is empowering and inspiring for both men and women. I had the delight of meeting, Kaila at a photo shoot with photographer, Kevin Mathison, in Downtown Los Angeles. She exudes confidence online and offline.

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Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Kaila, I’m a proud ‘Indo’, which is short for ‘Dutch Indonesian’. I was born and raised in Southern Ca. 

Tell us about your journey to embrace Body Positivity:

I struggled with body image and eating disorders through high school and my early 20’s. I became obsessed with controlling my weight. I started restricting with binging and purging. My life was consumed with this behavior until I was about 23 when I got help. I had done permanent physical damage to my body, all for the sake of chasing a number on the scale. It wasn’t until I realized how much I’d hurt myself and my family with my actions that I was able to start healing. After that, it took a few years to fully embrace my body for what it was, not what I wished it was.

The quote I live by now is “teach your mind to respect your body.”

How do you feel this has changed your life:

My life has transformed into everything I wanted. I’ve been able to love and care for myself. I’m confident and happy. I appreciate my body and all of the intricate things it does for me.

If there was anything you could say to The You 5 years ago, what would it be?

Let it go. It isn’t worth the stress and damage to your mental and physical self to obsess over food and exercise. You will be happier once you give yourself permission to be happy exactly as you are. 

Kaila just finished her B.A. and has a sunglasses shop that is at top 8% on Etsy. Visit @brilliessunglasses and visit her Etsy shop!

You can follow her on Instagram: kailauli

agency: LA

agency: lrjmanagement

SF agency: thebookr



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