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"can only be shot by pulling it backward.
So when life is dragging you back with difficulties,
it means that it's going to launch you into something great.
So just focus, and keep aiming.”
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About Angie

Angie Sanchez is a Certified Past Life Regression Hypnotist & Meditation Facilitator.

She is trained in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) developed by the late Dolores Cannon. During a session, people go to past lives and ultimately connect with Higher Self and the Universal Collective Consciousness. Angie has been an active leader and facilitator in the spiritual space since 2002. Her experience and insights range from the Catholic Church, Nichiren Buddhism, being anointed a Priestess in the Yoruba religion in 2006 and studied Transcendental Meditation with Emily Flecther of Ziva Meditation & Mindvalley in 2013.


Angie is a self-love & empowerment mentor and advocate, speaker, facilitates live workshops, group meditations, and works with people one on one to live intentionally, joyfully, and with purpose. 

To learn more about Angie's services visit www.angie-sanchez.com

"My mission is to inspire you to see and create beauty in the world. To accomplish this at the highest vibrational capacity, we must first see beauty within ourselves."


To accomplish this at the highest vibrational capacity, we must first see beauty within ourselves. 

Often times, life weighs us down with negative energy we carry from our childhood. There's also energy of guilt that we carry from our adolescent years as we think we "should've known better" and made different decisions or have spoken up for ourselves. This often leaves us with a sense of unworthiness, insecurities, endless fears, and we become limited by the chatter between our ears. 


As someone who has always been consciously guided by the angelic realm and beings from other deminsions, I am here to remind you you're not alone. 

Through conscious content on social media, Patreon, or working one on one,  I am here to support you in your life journey.  I am here to empower you with the tools to live life in alignment with your Highest Self. 


I am here to empower you to honor yourself through self-love, everyday rituals, and remind you of your true nature by seeing through the veil of this third-dimensional matrix.  


You are here to create, to give, to be all forms of expression of yourself. 

You are here to shine. To be a bright light in any given room you walk into. 

You are here to uncover truths that are waiting to be discovered by you. 

Mission Driven

A little more intimate

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At the age of 3, my mom gave me the gift of prayer. I vividly remember an innocence and faith in guardian angels as well as Jesus Christ as I prayed to an image that was more real than the environment that surrounded me. 

My mother was 17, and my father 16 years old when I was born. Needless to say, they didn't have the tools to raise a little girl in East Los Angeles, but they did the best they knew. 

Prayer was home.

Angie Rojo and Mom
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I always struggled with beings beyond the veil.

I often heard voices, felt as though I was being watched, and had nightmares regularly. In middle school, I was drawn to books about séances, the four elements, candles, and movies like "The Craft" and "Practical Magic." I became rebellious in the typical "pre-teen" way, growing up in Gardena, an urban-suburb of Los Angeles. 

At the age of 14, I found myself at a Catholic Youth retreat as a requirement to do the Sacrament of Confirmation. During a night of praise and worship, I felt my father's presence in front of me, he communicated how "he didn't want me to go down the path he did." When I was 8 years old, my father passed unexpectedly as he continuously played with fire in his lifetime. He was involved in gangs, heavy drugs, and had one too many close calls with death. At 8 years old, I knew my father was in a better place as I knew it was his time when I received a phone call from my aunt (his sister) the day they found him. 


I trusted my father's desire to guide me from the spirit world, and so I listened to his request. 



While my lifestyle was far from "Sainthood,"  I desired to live a life in prayer and charity. Instead of looking into Universities, I looked at various Orders to go into. My life consisted of prayer groups and Catholic Youth Ministry Leadership almost 7 days a week. To me, "home" was living in the vibration of Adoration, Prayer, Praise and Worship, and anything to do with experiencing the Holy Spirit. I was surrounded by peers that geeked out on these kinds of conversations. I had a Youth Minister as a profound role-model in my life. I was gifted with phenomenal opportunities to learn tools to be an effective leader via retreats and intense training by Life Teen, which was an organization I was a part of. As I got older, I was privileged to have dinner with the Bishop of Los Angeles a the time, nuns from other orders, my fellow peers who were discerning to become Priest, along with my Youth Minister.  

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It was at a retreat where I had a change of heart. A Priest, who was a mentor to my peers, gave a talk about how "being gay was against wrong" and said things like "now is the time to ask for forgiveness." I had personally invited some of my closest friends at the time who were in romantic relationships with the same sex. To me, it was obvious this Priest saw and opportunity. So during confession, where I was the first one in line, I asked him, "why the Catholic Church was against gay people?" He's response was, "is this what you have to confess? Because if it is, there are other people are waiting in line." 


I went on about going to a Junior College and enjoy life as an average 18 year old in 2004. 

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